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Master Reference and Test Signal Generator

The SRG-2200 is a cost-effective 1RU 3G / HD / SD SDI test signal generator designed to the same exacting specifications as the premium SRG-4400. The SRG-2200 is a great choice for supplying common timing and test signals needed in today’s complex broadcast facilities. It provides Color Black, Tri-Level Sync, test signals, as well as LTC and VITC, together with AES audio and DARS, satisfying applications in PAL, NTSC, or SDI (SD to UHD). It features 3 independent timing generators for greater flexibility in single and multi-standard installations.

Test Signal Generator
The SRG-2200 includes 2 independent, comprehensive, multi-standard test signal generators, providing analog composite and SDI (SD to 3G) outputs. Each test signal generator offers a wide selection of patterns and allows for fixed or moving text slates. In addition, flexible test tone generators are available on discrete AES, and embedded audio channels.

The SRG-2200 comes with advanced networking control via the DashBoard control system. The SRG-2200 may also receive time information via NTP time server using the NTP (Network Time Protocol) client.

Redundancy and Master / Slave Operations 
The SRG-2200 is designed to run as a master in standalone or under an external reference input. Where it is critical to have a backup master reference, the ACO-2200 auto changeover unit complements the SRG-2200. This can be user configured to monitor and changeover all outputs of the SRG-2200. The SRG-2200 also ships standard with dual external power supplies.


Inputs (BNC)

  • 75 Ω looping reference

Inputs (Power)

  • Redundant external power supplies (included)
Outputs (BNC)

  • 1 Analog Composite test
  • 3 Color Black / Tri-Level
  • 1 3G / HD / SD SDI Color Black with embedded silence
  • 1 3G / HD / SD SDI Test Patterns with embedded tone
  • 1 LTC
  • 1 Word Clock
  • Unbalanced AES Audio
  • 2 AES Tone
  • 1 DARS
  • 3 independent Black-Burst / Tri-level Sync Reference output
  • 3G/ HD/ SD SDI Black and Test Pattern Outputs (with embedded audio)
  • AES digital audio outputs
  • Composite analog video test generator output
  • DARS (Digital Audio Reference) output
  • Word Clock output
  • LTC Output
  • NTP Client
  • IP Based Control and Monitoring via DashBoard
  • One year warranty
  • Dual external power supplies (included)


Master Reference and Test Signal Generator
Master Reference and Test Signal Generator with NTP Client
Auto Changeover unit


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