Products & Services

Products & Services

Ross powers video productions for billions of global viewers daily with the industry’s widest range of smart production solutions. Ross makes it easy to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for sports stadium screens, entertainment shows and rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate applications and inspiring content for houses of worship.

Carbonite Mid-Size Production Switchers

Production Switchers

At Ross, production switchers are our passion. We have been making them since 1974 and they are the core of our business. Our production switchers are designed with the input of our customers – demanding customers like you that push our products to the limit and push us at Ross to make things better.

All-In-One Production Systems

Ross’ advanced approach to all-in-one systems that not only offers the software-based flexibility that makes all-in-ones so desirable, but also implements a dedicated hardware-based element that addresses the fundamental issues inherent in traditional all-in-one systems.

Graphite All-In-One Production System

CG & Graphics Systems

The Ross family of real-time motion graphics systems, clip servers, workflow tools, and purpose-built software applications delivers complete solutions for your most demanding tasks.

Robotic Camera Systems

Ross Video offers the widest range of robotic camera systems including track-based dollies, free-roaming pedestals, and standalone pan & tilt solutions. As well, Ross robotic camera systems deliver superior accuracy and repeatability which improves overall production quality.


Camera systems from Ross Video assist users in implementing complete production solutions including capture on to final output from a single supplier for realization of lower operational and capital expenditures. They integrate seamlessly into Ross Studio Ecosystems and a variety of live production environments.

Replay Systems

Producing instant replay of live televised sporting events is always a fast-paced and demanding endeavor. Mira meets the critical requirements of reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality, and interoperability within live production workflows.

Video Servers

Ross video servers are designed from the ground up with rock-solid architecture, employing core video server technology designed by Abekas.

Virtual Productions

Ross Video offers a range of Virtual Solutions that enable media production organizations to tell better stories, gain viewership, increase revenue, and reduce costs through the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets, with a focus on blended environments that combine the best of traditional physical design and virtual design.

Automated Production Control

Ross’ automated production control systems are designed from the ground up as a no compromises solution with the goal in mind of being able to handle the most challenging productions effectively. Automating the tasks of a control room full of highly qualified and talented individuals, while still offering precision execution and flexibility, is a non-trivial exercise.

Routing Systems

Ross’ Routers provide a compact and powerful combination of routing, multi-viewers, audio processing, and control.


Flexible, high performance MultiViewer based on the Ultrix processing platform.

Signal Processing

Ross is pleased to offer a broad range of video and audio signal processing to suit virtually every broadcast and production environment. Built on a 30 year history of technical excellence, Ross leads the industry with a wide range of digital and analog products, spanning both video and audio formats.

Facility Control Systems

Ross’ control platform enables users to quickly make complex operations simple.

Live Event Management

Our Live Event Management suite is designed from the ground up to simplify your live event production needs.

Master Control Systems

Built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation, Ross’ Master Control Systems are dedicated card-based solution providing complete program path protection.

IP Connectivity

Ross Video is actively investing in products that provide the ability to move high bandwidth, real-time, studio quality video over IP networks and address the need to integrate proven broadcast control systems into these new workflows and networks.

Newsroom Computer Systems

Drawing on Ross’s experience in Video production, our Newsroom Computer Systems are built to be easy to use and effectively create broadcast and multi-platform content. 

Media Asset Management

Ross’ Media Asset Management systems help to increase the value of every asset owned by your organization simply by raising the utilization of it. Uploaded assets are immediately accessible, searchable and may be downloaded by users in any department.

Social Media Management

Captivate your audience with Ross’ toolset to discover and curate social media content for use in productions, bring text and image content from social media into graphics playout, manage moderating and approving content from social media channels, and prompt user engagement via social media polling.