Acuity Production Switchers

Acuity is a breakthrough in modern production switcher technology, combining seemingly limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity.

Carbonite Black Production Switchers

Carbonite Black uses the absolute latest technology to pack unprecedented production power into a super compact frame. The Ross Multi-Definition Production Engine that lies at the heart of Carbonite Black offers the same pristine processing used on other Ross switchers – precisely tuned for this new platform.

Carbonite Black Solo Production Switchers

Carbonite Black Solo is packed full of features that deliver incredible video production horsepower in an amazingly compact and affordable package.

Graphite All-In-One Production System

Graphite is an advanced approach to all-in-one systems that not only offers the software-based flexibility that makes all-in-ones so desirable, but also implements a dedicated hardware-based element that addresses the fundamental issues inherent in traditional all-in-one systems.

OverDrive APC

The OverDrive Automated Production Control System is a touch screen control system that extends the Technical Director’s reach to include all devices in an on air production control room. Enabling more consistent and efficient productions, OverDrive is truly revolutionary.

XPression 3D HD Graphics System

XPression is a high quality 3D character generator and broadcast production graphics platform incorporating over 20 years of live broadcast graphics experience. It offers a very powerful tool set – yet with an intuitive user interface.

DashBoard Control & monitoring System

DashBoard is Ross Video’s open platform for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels that make complex operations simple.


UX is highly flexible and customizable with an easy-to-use intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface. The application provides seamless integration with tracking systems and real-time 3D rendering engines such as XPression and Frontier.


Frontier is a video gaming engine capable of photorealistic scenery and works in Virtual Studio environments for virtual sets and augmented reality.

Trackless Studio

Trackless Studio is an all-in-one virtual production tool that fits almost any budget. Built on the XPression Graphics System with an intuitive purpose-built interface, Trackless Studio leverages Ross Video’s years of experience with VS and AR to bring quality virtual sets to even the most basic productions.

Inception News Computer System

Inception News is built to be easy to use and effective in creating broadcast content. With full MOS support, including Ross OverDrive and Xpression plug-ins, Inception News has all of the tools to allow integration of existing technology into your News production.

Inception Social Media Management

Social media has changed the world, offering new ways to connect with your most important asset – your audience. Inception answers the challenge of managing these connections by enabling the efficient and controlled delivery of your stories, promotions, messages and announcements through social media.

Inception Live Event Management

Inception Live is our toolset for game day and live event production with a customizable game day or event lineup grid, scripting and timing capabilities, and uses social media tools that include publishing, content discovery and curation, polling, and playlists for integration into on-air graphics.

Streamline Media Asset Management

Streamline is our media asset management and workflow solutions for media environments that acts as a central hub for your productions, providing a complete system for indexing and cataloging your vast collection of graphics, video, and other assets.

CamBot Robotic Camera Systems

The CamBot series consists of a 500 series, 600 series and 700 series pedestals that are robust, durable and precise studio workhorses – distinguished by their ability to accept industry leading payloads of up to 200 pounds on the 700 Series pedestals.

Furio SE Live Robotic Camera Systems

Furio systems are available in 2 variants – Furio SE Studio (Full Robotics System) and Furio SE Live (Remote Control System). Furio’s absolute positioning system and rail based tracking sets it apart from the competition and makes it ideally suited to virtual set and augmented reality applications.

Furio SE Studio Robotic Camera Systems

Furio systems are available in 2 variants – Furio SE Studio (Full Robotics System) and Furio SE Live (Remote Control System). Furio’s absolute positioning system and rail based tracking sets it apart from the competition and makes it ideally suited to virtual set and augmented reality applications.

ACID Cameras

ACID cameras are imaging systems using the latest technologies to carefully consider a range of live production application needs to ensure optimal efficiency and quality.

PIVOT Cameras

PIVOT Cameras are the perfect companion for assembly, education, corporate, house of worship acquisition, along with events and broadcast POV productions.

Ultrix Routing Systems

Ultrix takes on analog to IP, with signals from 270 Mb/s to 12 Gb/s to be offer most advanced routing platform in the world. Ultrix provides a compact and powerful combination of routing, multi-viewers, audio processing, and control, without requiring special hardware as advanced features can be added at any time via simple software licensing.

NK Routing Systems

NK Series Routing Systems are a comprehensive family of routing solutions with a wide variety of matrix sizes and types to choose from, a nice selection of flexible control panels and a powerful control system tying it all together.

Ultriscape MultiViewer

Ultriscape is a flexible, high performance MultiViewer based on the Ultrix processing platform that also provides routing, clean switching, audio matrix, and frame synchronization.

Mira Replay Systems

Mira is optimized to handle the very high bandwidth demands of non-stop recording from multiple cameras, with simultaneous instant replay on one or two output video channels.

MC1 Master Control System

The MC1-MK is the most affordable, dedicated master control solution. Legendary, lifetime Ross support and 5 year warranty make MC1 an excellent value.

openGear® Signal Processing

openGear® is an award-winning open-platform line of video and audio rack mount signal processing founded by Ross Video.

Tria Video Servers

The Tria server is tailored for live television production tasks, with optional features available for specific operational environments. Incredibly flexible and robust, the Tria server is sure to fit your needs.

Tria Express Video Servers

Tria Express hits the market sweet spot with its unique “three-channel” playback architecture, which features a dedicated “VKA” (video+key+audio) output channel, with two additional video+audio output channels.

AirCleaner Profanity Elimination

AirCleaner™ profanity elimination delay provides an electronic insurance policy against any unexpected wardrobe malfunction, spoken profanity or obscene gesture from your televised audience.